All Art+ is a special exhibition series presented by NYC’s Van Der Plas Gallery. In 2020, inspired by the growing reach and talent of artists using Instagram as their main artistic platform (especially in the age of COVID-19), Adriaan Van Der Plas aimed to create a place for these artists to showcase their works for in-person viewers in the heart of the art world, Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood.

From promising emerging artists showing their work in public for the first time to international mid-career artists looking to test the NYC market, All Art+ presents artists with an opportunity to present in a themed, salon-style exhibition.

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All Art+: 2022

All Art + _Rays Of Light_ June 2022.jpg
Rays of Light 

June 24th – July 3rd 2022

Van Der Plas Gallery’s All Art+ Group Exhibition, “Rays of Light” features over fifty artists who are invited to offer their interpretations on the duality of light and darkness.

_At a Crossroads_ All Art+ April_May 2022.jpg
At a Crossroad

APRIL 29th – MAY 8th, 2022 Van Der Plas Gallery’s All Art+ Group Exhibition, “At a Crossroads,” features the work of over forty artists and invites these artists to shed light not only on world circumstances but the relationship between visual creation and junction.

_Key of Dreams_ Promotional Poster.jpg
Key of Dreams

MARCH 11th – MARCH 20th, 2022 Inspired by the work of the great surrealist artist René Magritte, Van Der Plas Gallery’s upcoming All Art+ Group Exhibition, “Key of Dreams,” invites artists to give us the key to their dreams through their respective creative practices.

_Creating Reality_ All Art+ January 2022 Poster.jpg
Creating Reality

JANUARY 20th – JANUARY 30th, 2022 Articulated through expansive landscapes, abstract portraits, sculpture, and everything in between, Van Der Plas’ upcoming All Art+ Group Exhibition, “Creating Reality,” identifies the artist’s innermost visions and reminds the viewer of the cogent possibility to articulate their own.