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Van Der Plas Gallery Street Art, Outsider Art, Folk Art, Modern Art

(NEW YORK, NY) From Friday, July 21st  through Sunday, July 30th, 2023, Van Der Plas presents an All Art+ Group Exhibition titled: “Fluidity”


Fluidity is movement.  As a word it invokes an ease of movement for that which can, at times, be pulled or drawn, but also under its own will and tide, run beyond the banks which had been holding it, to fill what spaces there are to be discovered.  Fluidity can flow with an elegance and grace, exploring to find its own level, permeating rooms and streets and the cracks of streets, then operating beyond those cracks, inventing fresh courses that make it twist like a dance to build dynamically as it searches to find its own release. Unbound, this movement, that lives in the novelty of change, then creates, when directed by the artist, what is new for the eye, what is unique.


This All Art+ “Fluidity” invites artists to be inspired by movement, elegant, zestful, humble, curious to explore through color and line, through figure and shape the moods into which feeling rises and changes through the image to embolden what is understood and perhaps illustrate what may be held sacred.

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