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Devon Marinac


Saloon Show and Salon Tell

Acrylic and Mixed Media

75.25" x 40.125" 



Devon Marinac (b. 1988) is a Canadian visual artist who was born in North Vancouver and currently resides in Toronto. Marinac’s practice involves drawing, collage, painting, assemblage, sculpture, and bookmaking, often in combination. His work possesses a strong graphic sensibility through a highly detailed figurative style, which translates and mutates according to the medium being used. While the images are often fantastical, the pieces are nevertheless rooted in day-to-day locales, observations, and autobiography.

Described by The Comics Journal as “prolific,” and “always new,” Marinac’s self-published books typically feature repeating gesticulating characters and turns of phrase syncopated in ever different and poetic ways. These highly sought-after publications, which often feature a blend of printed and original collage, can be found throughout North America and Europe.

Through recycling and reimagining found materials, Marinac uses art as a vehicle to understand his own life and the world around him, often in poignant and comical ways. Marinac has been both influenced by and involved in the Canadian drawing movement. Marinac finds merit and influence in the Funk art of the bay area, COBRA,  genre fiction, and a multitude of twentieth-century writers. Marinac’s work has been reviewed in the Comics Journal, published in BOMB Magazine, and exhibited throughout Canada and in New York City.  

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Exhibition Catalogue

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