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The stroke of light is a revelation.  A blast to rip the dark in half, issuing the line of where what had been hidden, camouflaged, uncomprehended is suddenly revealed, even if only for a moment, to be an unshadowed piece of what is now.  That which lives on the edge of the known and unknown being brought forward to the place of growth in the eye for the mouth of the soul to say yes.  To be awakened to the unforeseen movements of the hand and the mind and the heart that generate what, in its flash of brilliance, pushes out through the ends of familiarity to shed the common plaguing absence, and edify what, in the transfer of beauty, has yet to be discovered.  


All Art+ “Strokes Of Light” strives to put the viewer in the place of illumination.  To seat them, with varied, lovely, and extraordinary images, where the lightning of what creates breaks overhead to fill them with, not only what had not been understood, but, what had barely been imagined, in a soundless observation that sheds the dark of judgment and the misunderstandings of the every day to touch then the world of the other, and bridge how the world of the other communicates with the self.  


Al Diaz

"Words Objects Notions"

Opening Reception: Friday, October 20, 6—8PM

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