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William C. Richardson Jr.
(Will Power)



Mixed Media on Canvas

 60" x 48"


William C. Richardson Jr., also known as Will Power, is a self-taught Contemporary Artist from the Metropolitan area and abroad. His art is influenced by his multicultural family upbringing, Graffiti, Hip Hop Culture, and his love for The Arts of the Great Renaissance Masters. In his work, the artist utilizes techniques of graffiti and fine art painting, as well as street art techniques such as spray paint, collage, stickers, and stencils. He combines Hip Hop Themes with religious iconography found in Renaissance paintings. Will Power co-developed a style through a collaboration he calls “Gritty City Styles.” Even though he does not consider himself a Graffiti Artist in the traditional sense, he was inducted into the Ex Vandals Crew, the 1st graffiti group ever formed in 1971 called the “EXPERIENCED VANDALS’ or the “EX-VANDALS”. The Ex-Vandals leadership recognized his artistic prowess and he agreed to become a member of this storied graffiti crew, further cementing his Street Art credibility. He stays relevant to the New York art scene through the ethics he employs on walls as a Street Artist and on canvas as a Fine Artist.


He states, “I simply live to paint, not paint to live. I am flesh and blood but my art is immortal.” You can find examples of his work throughout the Metropolitan area and in gallery showings.

Will Power’s work is currently on view at The Morris Museum in “On and Off the Streets: Urban Art New Jersey,” which is “the first museum exhibition to examine the duality of New Jersey artists whose creative versatility extends from the street to the studio.”

“There are many levels to finding one’s voice and coming to grips with the harsh realities of life… My journey as an artist starts from the culture I was born into and as it has grown so have I. My art reflects not only my love and connection to the culture of Hip Hop Music but the spiritual and inspirational aspects that I owe my Art and life to. 

My work process combined Graffiti, Street Art, and Fine Art creating a style that I call “Gritty City Styles”. 

Some of my major influencers are Graffiti artists Vulcan and Skeme and Renaissance artists Michelangelo and Caravaggio. 

Since my start back to art in 2011, my work has appeared in FOX5 New York in-studio interviews, Channel 7, Channel 2, Channel 4, Channel 12, Channel 1Time Out New YorkStreet Art NYCSOLD Magazine, and Up Magazine. 

I have also curated a few notable outdoor mural project such as one, recently in 2020, regards to Protest Art titled “Shared Freedom” which was highly publicized in New York City. After Showing in many prestige galleries, I have found a home at Van Der Plas Gallery.”

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