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LeCrue Eyebrows

Her Breath In Time


48" x 57"

Acrylic on canvas

Queens based artist LeCrue Eyebrows's playful two-dimensional stories have become an unmistakable feature of NYC’s streets, and owner/gallerist Adriaan Van der Plas is excited to introduce LeCrue Eyebrows to the gallery and our collector base.
LeCrue Eyebrows uses his art as a form of communication — his own visual journal for the world to see. Although there is something seemingly methodical about his work, his creative process starts spontaneously and uses free-form instinctual techniques. This lack of premeditation gives his work a deeply personal originality in exploring thoughtful visceral concepts. He channels stimuli, both consciously and subconsciously absorbed, into strikingly simple yet remarkably nuanced stories on canvas.
Using acrylic paint on canvas to create geometric, monochromatic illustrations steeped in symbolism, LeCrue Eyebrows has built a style as ambiguous as it is unique. Indeed, comparisons can be drawn to the eclectic primitivism of Paul Gauguin or the iconic surrealism of Picasso. However, LeCrue Eyebrows has forged his own style, blending a controlled expressionism with a raw, imaginative authenticity, heavily influenced by the streets of New York City.
The allure of LeCrue Eyebrows’s art perhaps lies in its enigmatic simplicity. His figures and objects are recognizable in their hieroglyphic-esque design, but remain mysterious in their connotations. LeCrue Eyebrows himself remains coy about ‘the meaning’ of his work; rejecting definitions that limit the possibilities of his art’s deep symbolism, while embracing their various interpretations.
LeCrue Eyebrows’s style has evolved over the pandemic, incorporating more curvature, depth and color into his work. Building upon his already considerable success, LeCrue Eyebrows continues to incorporate new motifs and symbolism into his artwork, bringing new ideas and energy to a revitalized genre of urban Neo-Primitivism in NYC.

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